What to Look For in a Company

When in the workforce, you need to make sure that you are contracting with worthwhile companies. When you are under a company’s payroll, you are entrusting them to provide you with stability and fairly compensate you for your work. However, the job market goes a lot deeper than just your annual income. Actually, before taking a job with any company, you need to make sure you answer some of the most obvious questions.
In this blog, we will go over the following questions and how you can find the answers to these questions.

  • What Are the Company’s Values?
  • What Is the Company Culture?
  • What Are Your Teammates Like?
  • Will Your Be Able to Learn?
  • Will Your Needs Be Met?
  • Does the Company Allow For Movement?
  • Will You Be Appreciated?
  • Does the Company Offer Stability and Security?

What are the Company’s Values?

Before you even submit a resume, you need to interpret the company’s values. You need to figure out if the company you are applying to has values that align with yours. For instance, different companies will have different motivations. For instance, one company may value meeting high numbers and making money, rather than anything else. Others, of course, will value the quality of their work and their employees. You will ultimately have to determine what types of employment you would feel comfortable with.
You will typically be able to tell what kind of company values are present by how workers treat each other and how upper management respects their employees. If there is an obvious hierarchy to the company, in which lower works are ignored or interrupted, the company most likely only is concerned with raw data and money-making employees. As stated, different companies will operate in alternative ways, based on the values set by their CEOs.
When applying to a company, make sure you do a bit of research on the CEO of the company before you enter into the interview process. By doing a little reading on the CEO, you will be able to get a clue about the attitude of the company you are wanting to work for.

What is the Company Culture?

Attitude is everything, especially for a company. If a company doesn’t have an infectious, positive culture, they are likely to have a high turnover rate. This rate is simply the number of people applying and quitting over time. The idea for any business is to retain their employees and use their talents to benefit the company. However, if the company’s culture is lacking, employees will want to look elsewhere for work.
You will be able to test the culture by seeing their social media presence online. If there is no social engagement, this is the first indication that the company is either behind the times, or doesn’t believe they have anything interesting to share on their social media pages — both of these reasons are not good and could make you rethink your application. If a company has a good culture, they will try to encourage employee participation in fundraising, holiday parties, and other special events. And, if a company culture is really welcoming, they might even have a video displaying the comradery among their workers and management staff. Any social engagement for a company is a positive sign that they are friendly and welcoming to new employees.

What are Your Teammates Like?

The attitude and the character of your peers are vital to whether a job will be beneficial to you or not. If you work with difficult people, you will most likely not last at your job. After all, if you work in a collaborative office, you will have no choice but to interact with your peers. And, if they are difficult or have poor attitudes, it can be close to impossible to get anything done. Not only that, but working with negative people can have lasting effects on you emotionally, severely damaging your self-confidence and belief in your talents.
You will be able to determine what the teams are like at a new job by looking online and reading the reviews of a company. It is important to remember, however, that many people only leave reviews when they are mad or feel rejected.

Will You Be Able to Learn?

A business or company is only worthwhile to work for if you will learn something from it. If you are walking into a new job knowing everything, you will have no change or improvement to your skills. This is self-defeating and a waste of your time. Jobs are meant to challenge you. The point about employment is how you rise above those challenges and grow from them.

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