Fractal is a simple shape that when combined, layered or organized with other shapes, creates a structure that is beautiful, inspiring, strong and infinite. Fractals were not understood until technology allowed us to visualize and understand them.

At Fractal Workspace, we are bringing together space, people, and design into a workspace that is powerful.


We believe large cities are not the ideal work environment. We want to reduce your commute, bring you closer to home and family, closer to nature and space but still have an amazing place to work in. Leveraging technology allows us to work anywhere and we want you to work here.


At Fractal Coworking, our values are everything. We are all unique individuals with our own gifts, purpose and loves. We want to create an environment that supports your pursuit for happiness. Everything else will figure itself out.


Engage in things that make you happy, in a space that encourages and excites your creativity.


Technology is growing and evolving each day. Keep up with an innovative world in an office you can feel comfortable in.


We work better when we are surrounded by unique and interesting things. See how a creative work environment can inspire you to think in better, more inclusive ways.

Creative & Inspiring

Build a powerful relationship with your work, your peers, and the world around you. Experience how a shared environment can increase your productivity.