About Fractal

Welcome to Fractal, inspired by fractal patterns that abound in nature. 
A workspace playground that’s close to home and feels like home.
A habitat designed for choice that fulfills individual needs and brings people together…
Where you can choose a place to be and belong…
In tune with your own best working pattern… aka… Fractal.
A variety of spaces and experiences that inspire creativity, learning and wellness.
Where humanity and technology can dance in unison and produce amazing things.
An environment that makes life more meaningful and delivers a better bottom-line.

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Our Story

The time has come for more choice and flexibility in the way we live and work. We believe small cities and suburbs hold huge untapped potential to offer a better life. We wanted an environment that makes work and life more meaningful and experiences that inspire creativity, learning, and wellness. We believe that people and businesses thrive when we nurture these elements. We couldn’t find it anywhere else, so we built it and people came. We invite you to come and find your Fractal.

Our Values

Fractal was born from a burning drive to design fluid working environments that celebrate showing up as our true selves, on our journey to become our best selves. The fine details, like fractal patterns, will evolve. Each of us has a unique story that shapes us. We also share stories and values that bring us together. Community, caring, creativity, collaboration, diversity and meaningful purpose are more than words. These values are activated in everything we do at Fractal. Our values are our guiding force. We make space for change at Fractal. Moreover, we are designed that way. However, our core values, like roots, are ever-present.

Small City. Big Life.

At Fractal Workspace in Kingston, we are co-creating our business model with our members and partners. When the time is right, we will take what we’ve learned and advance into other small cities and neighbourhoods. Our mission: enable individuals and work teams to thrive and fulfill their work life dreams away from bustling urban centres and contribute to successful companies and robust local communities. Why choose Fractal?

  • Reduce your commute time
  • Get closer to home, family, and nature
  • Connect you to people, resources and enabling technology
  • Increase your productivity 
  • Eliminate the loneliness and isolation of working at home 
  • Lower your stress
  • Enjoy learning and recreation opportunities

What have you been missing?



Ryan Seeds


Business is Ryan’s passion, he loves the challenge of it, the unpredictability, the lessons learned and the incredible people that have the guts to take a chance on their ideas. More…

After selling his family’s accounting Firm of 15 years, Ryan jumped headfirst into the finance consulting world of tech startups where he is truly in his zone: challenged, learning, making mistakes, and scared but feeling fulfillment. When Ryan is not reading, dreaming or talking about business he is a typical rural small-town guy. He loves the outdoors; hiking exploits have taken him from Vancouver Island to Switzerland to Patagonia. With his girlfriend, he’s camped in Iceland, Kauai, and Algonquin. Travel is a big part of Ryan’s need for adventure!

Donna Nelham



Donna has mastered the art and science of helping companies and individuals thrive in new ways of working. That is her passion. More…

She has a 25+ year career in management consulting focused on organization strategy, design and transformation and a deep understanding of psychology. She holds a key role in helping to shape Fractal’s purpose and direction in ways that are aligned with our deeply held values. She’s translating broad-brush goals into our everyday working narrative. Donna is capturing our unfolding story, and helping us build a solid foundation on which to grow forward. She’s adept at hard-wiring some of the softer elements like culture and relationship-building into the fabric of our business.  Her marketing savvy, integrative thinking, and collaborative approach help us communicate meaningfully with our varied stakeholders. Donna commuted between rural and big city life for many years and understands the issues of work-life dichotomy.

Lauren Rumbolt

Community Manager

Customer service is the backbone of Lauren’s experience, with 10+ years in retail management; Lauren comes with a wealth of knowledge in customer experiences. More…

Lauren moved to Canada from the UK when she was 19 years old, fresh out of school, looking to make her mark on a new career. She started her career in retail and quickly moved from Sales Associate to Supervisor and then on to management. Lauren’s experience and knowledge are a perfect fit for Fractal Workspace. The GM position she holds checks off all the values she believes is necessary for a successful and happy workspace. She is excited to grow within her new position and learn more about the members and community within the flexible workspace environment. When Lauren isn’t working she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Our Customers, Our Community

We have a wide range of customers at Fractal across several industry sectors and professional services. This diverse mix adds to our vibrant culture and amazing skill-set. For example, established companies in finance, construction, real estate, technology, and film production have set up shop here. Business services including marketing, financial advice, mental health, wellness, and human resources are also on-site. Solopreneurs, creatives and independent professionals use our work cafe and flex-offices as little or as much as they need. People from other cities and locations around the globe find Fractal a welcoming place to work when they visit Kingston. With a roster of learning and recreational events booked throughout the year, new and returning customers also add spice and flair to Fractal life.

“I found a home and a community here. This is my happy place —
way more than a place to work.”

— Peggy Seville, CPA 

“Fractal has opened up my eyes to so many different industries and professional like-minded people. The connections we’ve made here have multiplied our business in ways that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. Fractal is not only a workplace; it’s a family. Couldn’t be happier.”
— Steve Marshall, CEO Dominion Lending Centres 

Our Partners

At Fractal Workspace our growth strategy will be based on a partnership model. We recognize our role within a larger ecosystem, and we’re building a network of stakeholders with mutual interests and complementary skill sets and assets. As these crucial relationships are shaped, we’ll add them to the website. These will include a robust mix of partners in real estate, investment, design, education, and select business customers. Exciting times. Stay tuned. Reach out if you are interested in exploring opportunities. It all begins with a conversation

Live. WOrk. Play.

On your terms.

Come. find your fractal.

The Flagship

Our first flagship Fractal is strategically situated in the west end of beautiful Kingston, Ontario. When the time is right, we will advance into other small cities & suburbs. Contact us to learn more.


623 Fortune Crescent
 Kingston, Ontario K7P OL5


Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)





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