How to Simplify Your Office Space

How a Simple Office Can Help You Work Better

Productivity can be a task within itself. Trying to stay focused and on task is very difficult. If everyone could do it, we would never even know what distractions are! With this in mind, you want to ensure that you give yourself every reason to maintain your focus and stay productive throughout your day.
In this blog, we will give you tips and tricks to stay productive throughout your day and simplify your office workspace. By reading our blog, hopefully, you can get a better idea of how to manage your workspace and increase your workflow.

Organize Your Breaks

Now, of course, breaks are completely necessary and should be taken every day. Small, interval breaks are essential to give your brain the break it needs to thrive in an office environment. With that being said, you should monitor how long and how often you are taking breaks. It can be natural to lose focus and decide to browse the internet or walk around your building. Try to resist the urge to distract yourself with other things during your day. Because breaks are so important, you still need to take them regularly. A good option is to try and take your breaks for the same amount of time each day, typically around the same time. Setting up when you take breaks can train your mind to work diligently up until your break and then continue your day with ease.
At the same time, you can take breaks, but it is important that you take your breaks to continue to be constructive. You shouldn’t take a break and continue to do mind-intensive work. If you are going to take a break, change your mindset to focus on your motor skills. For instance, during your break, it can be a good idea to walk around your building, go on a quick run, or play a game with your co-workers. Being able to change up your mindset during the day is healthy and strengthen your brain.

Set Up a Routine

Routines are key to keeping up a certain stamina of workflow. By developing a good routine for yourself, you can keep up with the rhythm of your workflow. Building your routine can be easy, especially if you have certain things you do during your day, every day. For example, if you make yourself a cup of coffee at work, you may be better suited to making your coffee at home and making that a routine. Because of this, you could save time and money on coffee, while also giving yourself more time to devote to work and your breaks.

Clean Your Desk

Your desk space is vital to the level of your production and the quality of your work. If you have a messy, disheveled workspace, you could be limiting how much you can accomplish in a day. Psychologists have studied how vital a workspace is to the human mind and productivity. If your desk is in shambles, it is best to take the time to fully organize your space. Also, if you have too many items or unified paper on your desk, you can easily feel caged at your desk and feel the urge to get up and away from it. So, the best course of action is to organize all of the items on your desk and sort them by their importance to your job. By having a neat and clean desk, you will be amazed how much easier it will be to work throughout the day!

Meal Prep Your Lunch

Meal prepping can help you manage your time better, healthier ways. If you choose not to meal prep, you are most likely going to some fast food place to catch a quick bite. Though fast food can be delicious, it isn’t always the most nutritious option available. Fast food isn’t good for your health, but also your wallet as well. Meal prepping allows you to save money by eating the items you purchase at the grocery store. Instead of purchasing breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a restaurant, you could use your money in smarter ways.
Meal prepping can be particularly advantageous for workers because it means that you won’t have to disrupt your work productivity. Also, meal prepping can even be a therapeutic practice, as it can prepare you for your week before it happens.

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5 Ways To Inspire Your Office

Inspire Your Office To Create a Positive Environment

Everyone has 1,000 other places they would rather be than their work. But, with an incredible work culture, your business could actually thrive due to its happy workers. When a company fosters a positive work environment, workers are much more likely to have job satisfaction. This means that you will have less turnover, work productivity will increase, and workers could leave positive reviews of your business. Better still, there will be an understanding of how your business functions that will carry on to future prospective employees. But, how do you encourage a positive work environment?

In this blog, we will give you five tips on how to inspire your employees and create a positive work environment. It is our hope that by reading this blog, you will have new ideas about how to improve your work environment or feel confident about how you are currently running your company.

The “I’s” Have It!

In order to encourage a positive environment for your workers and to support happy workers, you must follow five simple rules. To make these rules easier to understand you can remember them by the five “I’s.”

  • Include
  • Inform
  • Invest
  • Invoke
  • Incentivize

1. Include Them In Big Decisions

Though it is innately human to work co-dependently, it is also part of human nature that we don’t like to be controlled. For instance, there will always be a call for a singular leader to manage the group, yet also a need for personal freedoms as well. Working in an office is no different. Offices require the main supervisor to ensure all work is done correctly and on time. Without an enforcer, most workers would slack off on their duties and produce sub-par work. Though authority is necessary, you must also ensure that you give your workers opportunities to make their own decisions. By being able to allow your workers to make decisions, they will feel more in control, which will help establish a sense of freedom and democracy in the workplace.
A great way to instill this sense of freedom is by allowing workers to help make major decisions for the company. For instance, your workers can vote on whether to have certain benefits, new employees, and relocation decisions.

2. Inform Workers About Positive Aspects

Workers want to be informed about their business and who they are working for. Because of this, it is vital that you share positive news when it is due. Workers like to know that they are making a positive change and doing good work for your company. Any positive accolades could provide your workers with the inspiration to keep working diligently for your business.
One of the best types of news you can share with your company is positive reviews from past customers. This shows that the work that employees are producing is not only helping the company, but improving other people’s lives. Also, recognition is another powerful source of information. If you share information about great workers who have completed good work for your company, your employees are likely to continue or rise to that standard. This will not only inspire workers to meet certain goals, but increase your business’s productivity level.

3. Invest In Your Employees

Investing in your employees is monumentally important to the wellbeing of your company’s work culture. Workers want to know that they are being well taken care of and appreciated consistently. If you do not recognize your workers and their hard work, they will feel discarded and turn to another company for their due respect. In order to invest in your company, you will need to know what to invest in. Typically, features that improve your worker’s lives are much appreciated. This can be anything from a better coffee machine, a soda machine, a party, or even an in-office gym. Anything that improves your workers’ day-to-day lives shows them that they are valued and appreciated.

4. Invoke Workers With Support

Encouragement goes a long way, especially in business. No matter whether you are a marketing company or a telecommunications company, encouraging your workers with enthusiasm and support can transform the vibe of your office. Being positive and supportive can change your workers’ attitudes and redirect their mindsets to think proactively about their work and lives. Workers appreciate when companies try to improve not just their work lives, but their home lives as well. By supporting your employee’s self-esteem, both in and outside of the office, you will be able to support enthusiast workers.

5. Incentivize Employees with Prizes

Positive reinforcement is one of the strongest ways to encourage people to do certain things. In psychology, positive reinforcement is the most powerful tool to ensure that processes are fulfilled correctly by anyone. For workers, incentives are the best way to ensure work will be done. After all, jobs, in general, are a form of positive reinforcement — you receive money for your work.
It is also important to incentivize your workers with other prizes as well. For instance, encouraging camaraderie and teamwork is a great way to facilitate friendly competition. With friendly competition, workers can enjoy playing games, competing company numbers, number of sales, and so on. The winner of said “competition” can have a chance to win a grand prize, such as an extra paid-time-off day or a bonus. This way, you can incentivize your workers and encourage productivity in the workplace.

Fractal Coworking

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How to Improve Office Productivity

How to Increase Productivity in Your Office

Your office is a complex network of different and diverse people coming together with one common goal. No matter what type of business you own or manage, you need a team to see your goals reach fruition. When you have a group of employees working together, it can form an interesting environment that needs to be managed and nurtured. At Fractal Coworking, we offer flexible workspaces to house your business and offer your employees a comfortable place to work. But having a great workspace isn’t all that is needed to foster a successful and efficient business. Though the location of your office space is important, how your employees interact and stay productive throughout the day matters, too.

In this blog, we will be discussing some tips you can implement in your workspace to encourage productivity among your workers. With this, we hope to help your business thrive to its maximum potential and assist your workers to stay on target for their individual and work goals.

Stay Efficient and Positive

Efficiency isn’t fixed, there are a lot of factors that can throw a team off. Unfortunately, efficiency can be swayed, especially due to a special circumstance or a change in attitude among workers. Small factors can change an employee’s mind about their value, the point to their employment, and even lead them to question some of your businesses practices. Curiosity and introspection aren’t bad qualities to have and most employees will experience them at one point or another. It is important as an employer that you maintain efficiency at all times and understand that you need to remind your employees about the good work they are doing. Though being your company’s official cheerleader shouldn’t be your formal title, most employees will need encouragement from time-to-time.
In terms of efficiency, there is always room for improvement. Even though you can assume your business model is flawless, it is not. Every business, from a taco truck to Apple Inc., always can improve. One of the best ways to improve how your business runs is by looking at your current processes and coming up with new ways to improve them. Prioritizing tasks is also a great way to separate mundane activities from ones that will affect your business.

Limit Distractions

Distractions limit what human beings can accomplish. Throughout our lives, distractions are the one cause for why we are unable to meet a goal or become successful. In a business, distractions are the one thing standing in the way of productivity. What is the best way to get rid of distractions? You must get rid of temptation. For instance, phones, computers, and everything else digital can easily get in the way of a worker’s schedule. Some businesses have implemented a no-phone policy in order to reduce worker temptations. Though restricting certain items can be an effective way to gain control of your office place, it isn’t the only solution. In fact, most employees respond more positively when they are allowed the freedom to do as they please. It seems sort of backward, right? Ultimately, if a business is goal driven, they never need to worry about limiting their employees’ work environment. In order to keep their jobs, workers must work to meet their goals. If they can manage their time wisely, they can not only meet their goal but enjoy where they work and give in to some distractions when necessary.

Control Workplace Conditions

A comfortable working temperature is between 68 and 70 degrees. If a work environment is too hot or too cold, workers may spend more time trying to cool down or warm up then actually working. Because of this, it is important to maintain a comfortable temperature in your business space, otherwise, you may be underwhelmed by the productivity in your office.

Coworking Space Design

The design of your office does play a role in the productivity of your workers. Though it may sound far-fetched, your work environment does play a role in how you feel about your job, how you interact with others, and what you are able to accomplish. Though it can be argued that cubicles can limit contact and, thus, distractions, this is actually untrue. Contact and collaboration are both needed to help workers maintain momentum throughout their day. When left alone and boxed in, most workers lose the motivation to work and be productive. Open floor plans are advantageous for office spaces because they encourage workers to interact with each other. Not only this, but open floor plans make any space seem much bigger and comfortable. When it comes to managed offices, it is important to never underestimate the value of well-designed and collaborative office space.

Fractal Coworking in Ontario

At Fractal Coworking, we are dedicated to providing businesses just like yours with phenomenally designed office spaces. Here, we can provide you with excellent layouts in desirable locations. Contact us today if you are interested.

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