What are Flexible Credits?

Fractals Flexible Credits are essentially virtual money, that you can use to book shared workspace, meeting space, podcast studio time or even a semi-private desk. This is what sets us apart from others, we understand that in today’s world, people need options. This is why we are offering this credit system, giving you the flexibility you need.

We’ve based our credits on a hourly basis. Examples of this would be, 1 credit would be 1 hour of shared workspace, or 1 hour in one of our amazing meeting rooms would be 10 credits. Giving you the freedom to use what you need daily.

If you’d like more information on our credit system, or looking for a tour of our awesome location. Please contact us today!

Our plans start as low as $99!

20 Credits for $99

30 Credits for $139

40 Credits for $189

60 Credits for $239

80 Credits for $299