How to Introduce Workers to a New Office Plan

What separates major businesses from each other is their work culture. How a business treats their employees says a lot about their values and how they intend to succeed in business. Major corporations, such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, have devoted millions of dollars to the redesign of their workspaces. Why? Their primary objective was to improve the work quality of their business and invite the best minds onto their team. After all, no one wants to work somewhere they don’t like.

By having a workspace that encourages collaborative, as well as creative thought, employees feel more valued. In this blog, we will be discussing how best to introduce your workers to a new, open office plan. Through collaborative workspaces, you and your workers will be able to experience the benefits of an open office.

Office Back Then and Now

In the past, offices were plain, non-decorative, and organized in straight lines. How people worked wasn’t a concern for major businesses. Instead, all businesses cared about was their revenue numbers, nevermind the turnover rate of their employees. Workers who had regimented schedules and cage-like workspaces had their job because they needed to survive, not because they liked their employers. However, since businesses have gained so much competition in their industries, corporations constantly look for ways to give themselves advantages. One large factor to the productivity and success of a business is its workforce. Without an enthusiastic workforce, a business isn’t able to thrive or innovate. For tech companies, such as Google and Microsoft, stagnation isn’t an option; only the best and brightest minds are able to work for these types of companies. However, since these types of companies desire motivated, brilliant workers, they need to ensure that their employees enjoy working under them — hence luxurious workspaces that encourage collaborative thought.

Have a Vision for Your Workspace

As a business, you need to have certain goals. There are obviously goals you will have for your business in terms of projected revenue and success, however, you should also have goals for your work culture. For example, to have a thriving business, you want people to feel encouraged to apply and work for your company. Building a comfortable, safe, and inviting work environment should be one of your top priorities. There are two ways to build this type of work culture: hire diverse and positive people and work in an incredible building.

Why would these two things be so important? Well, your workers are what make your culture. If you hire like-minded people, there is no innovation that can occur. Also, the people you initially hire will begin the path of your work culture. This means you should look for positive people that seem friendly and intelligent.

Second, your office building is also important for your work culture. Where your employees work is essential to how they interpret the importance of their job, their individual productivity, and their enjoyment of their job.

So, once you have a vision for your business, then you have show enthusiasm for it.

Show Enthusiasm for Your Workspace

Much of your work culture derives from the attitude you portray to your workers. If you have a vision about your business, you need to be excited about it! For instance, if you are preparing your workers for a new office space, you need to be enthusiastic about the move and the new building. If you show hesitance or a distaste for your building or business, employee will perceive that and choose to have a similar viewpoint.
In a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, it was found that leaders who were positive about their new buildings and office spaces had positive feedback from their employees. It also should be noted that leaders who were not positive about their new offices spaces had their employees struggle with their workplace transition. With this being said, if you are moving into another office, or have redesigned your current office, it is important to remain positive throughout the entire transition. Without a leader’s positive attitude, workers are less likely to adapt and enjoy their work environment.

Adapt Your Workspace to Your Needs

In the workplace, it is important to encourage individualism. For most businesses, this means that workers are allowed to be themselves and adapt their workspaces to fit their needs. This can range from having their desks arranged in a certain way to even decorating their desks with personal pictures and trinkets. As a business, it is important to allow your workers to feel as comfortable as possible in their workspaces. Personalizing their own workspaces should be not only tolerated, but encouraged among workers.

Fractal Coworking

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