Meeting Rooms & Podcast Studio

Have you ever had an important meeting, but the only place you could find was a loud coffee shop? Fractal offers our clients meeting rooms in order to conduct important get togethers.

In these collaborative office spaces, you and the people you are meeting with can have quiet, calm conversations, without the hustle and bustle of your nearby surroundings. Instead, our meeting rooms are designed to cancel out the noise and offer a solitary location for you to conduct ideas and share information.

Who This Plan is Best For

This plan is perfect for anyone who wants to conduct an important meeting. Whether your meeting is business-related or not, having a large boardroom desk can help you gather people to discuss ideas and make important decisions. Our meeting rooms can accommodate up 8 people and is available by the hour, with rates starting at $50 per hour. If you require a larger space for more people, we have a 16 person boardroom. This room must be booked in advance and we offer half and full day rates only. Included in our meeting spaces are a 60″ TV and a Crestron Mercury audio conferencing unit. So, if you have a video presentation that you would like to show during your meeting, or have that important video conference call Fractal has you covered.

Office Design and Features

It is rare to find an office space that can supply business or worker with anything they need to be successful. In our meeting rooms, you can gain access to a wireless monitor for your business presentations. And, if that’s not enough to entice you, our meeting rooms also come with catering options. At Fractal, we can supply your meeting room with water, tea, as well as coffee. But, if you are feeling a little hungry, food catering is also available upon request.