8 Things You Should Look For in a Company Part 2

What to Look For in a Company

In this blog series, we have been going over the following questions that many potential employees have when looking at companies. Through answering these questions, you will be able to determine if the company you are interested in really has your needs in mind. As an employee, you don’t want to entrust your life and career with a company that does not value their workers and the quality of their work.

The questions are as follows:

  • What are the Company’s Values?
  • What is the Company Culture?
  • What are Your Teammates Like?
  • Will Your Be Able to Learn?
  • Will Your Needs Be Met?
  • Does the Company Allow For Movement?
  • Will You be Appreciated?
  • Does the Company Offer Stability and Security?

In the first part of this series, we were able to answer the first four questions. The first four questions focus on your own enjoyment of the company and whether you could get along in the company, especially when it comes to your coworkers. But, the final four questions you have to ask about your potential company are focused on whether your career will thrive under their employment. Though you might take some jobs for the experience, the enjoyment, or even just the income in general, you will typically want a job that can enhance your career and earning potential. These following questions are tools to help you gauge whether a certain company can help advance your career to the next level.

Will Your Needs Be Met?

This is an intentionally broad question because the answer can differ depending on the job applicant. For instance, your “needs” can vary differently from someone else’s. Most employees, however, have basic needs, such as vacation days, paid time off, insurance benefits, 401k benefits, etc. Before you take a job, you need to know what benefits are in store for you if you become an employee. Though you may not ask these “hard-hitting” questions during your interview, you should ask once you have been notified that you got the job. Most employers won’t blame you for being cautious before signing for a job that you may not want — the last thing they want is to fill a position for a few months and then lose employees. So, it is in your best interest to ask these questions before you sign an employment contract. Be sure that you know what benefits the company has and if these benefits match your needs. For instance, most employees need 401k’s in order to plan for retirement. Finding out whether your company matches your 401k is important information that you need to know before officially becoming an employee.

Does the Company Allow For Movement?

You need to make sure that your job has room for movement, both internally and externally. This means that you want to be able to improve your job title and salary, both while in the company and ensure that your achievements in the company are applicable to the outside world. The worst thing you can do for your career is to hone skills at your job that have no outside benefits. This will only make promotions and receiving other jobs more difficult, as your skillset will be obsolete. It is best to make sure that the skills you will learn at your potential job will improve your skills as a worker and enhance your ability to apply for other, higher paying jobs.

When you have a job, it is always good to look ahead and anticipate your next career moves. Though in life it is best to refrain from thinking too far ahead and predicting your future, with your career, the rules are changed. You have to always strive to receive better jobs that you will enjoy and will pay you fairly for the work you are completing. As a worker, you have to anticipate that you will have major expenses, such as houses and vehicles, and even have added responsibilities, such as raising children and saving for your retirement. All of these factors involve looking to the future and strategically planning your career.

Will You Be Appreciated?

This question can also be a bit broad, but of course, it varies from person-to-person. For instance, you don’t want to devote your hard work to a company that doesn’t appreciate you. Companies will typically show their appreciation of employees by sending out thank you’s, showing recognition when recognition is due, and even distributing bonuses to hard-working employees. Companies can also show their appreciation for employees by offering them holiday parties and special seminars to advance their knowledge of certain subjects. A company should help improve their workers in any way they can and offer benefits for choosing to work for their company. Without having obvious benefits, there can be very little keeping workers under a company’s payroll. Typically, if a company isn’t satisfying their employees and appreciating their hard work, the company will have a large turn over rate.
If you are feeling underappreciated in your current job, moving to another job that doesn’t appreciate their workers won’t help you. You want to become employed by a company that genuinely cares for their workers. You will also be able to tell if workers are well-cared for by the reviews they share.

Does the Company Offer Stability and Security?

Jobs are meant to provide workers with stability to support themselves. Without a stable job, you won’t know when the next paycheck will be your last. For many, the idea of an unstable paycheck can be anxiety-inducing. For instance, if you are not saving enough and you lose your job, you may be scrambling to pay bills, while looking for a new type of employment. You want to be sure that you entrust your life to a company that is healthy and stable. By healthy, you want to make sure that your company is financially stable and will continue to conduct business, hire employees, etc. Start-up companies and older, outdated companies are both risky choices for employment because they can lose funding or go public and sell to larger companies that want to eliminate competition in their market. This is important to keep in mind because if you love your job, but the company is sold to a larger conglomerate, the features and aspects of your job you love could be changed.

You also want to ensure that your job is secure. This can mean that your job is both secure financially and physically. For instance, you will want to work for a company that has your safety in mind at all times. Your company’s office building structure and location are two aspects that you want to research before you start working under their payroll. You never want to work somewhere you feel unsafe and unprotected.

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