Fractal: Collaborative Workspaces for Your Business

Hello! Welcome to Fractal! Our office spaces are designed to feature both elements of design and collaborative workspaces to inspire your employees. We understand that productivity is important for a business, but when employees are cooped up in less than desirable work conditions, they are less likely to succeed. If you are looking for a place to house your business that has the features needed to inspire your workers, Fractal Coworking can help.

Unique Design Elements For Creative Workspaces

At Fractal Coworking, we are proud to provide businesses with workspaces for rent that offer stimulating environments. Without inspiration, your employees won’t be able to innovate or think outside of normal conventions. In a comfortable, quiet, and expressive environment, your workers can gain new perspectives and feel better about their work. It might seem odd, but your work environment does a lot to the productivity of your workers. If they are enclosed by four white walls and a black-and-white-clock on the wall all day, they are bound to burn out and search for work elsewhere. With our workspaces, your business can gain a competitive edge by adopting a creative workspace that excites workers.

Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative workspaces have a way to encourage inclusive conversation and help businesses communicate more efficiently, both for business and general socialization among workers. If you are in need of collaborative, open-concept office spaces, Fractal Coworking has something to offer you. Though there is plenty of benefit to working in your own independent workspace, collaborative areas are able to provide more inclusive spaces for co-workers to feed off of each others energy, ideas, and enthusiasm.
It is in these collaborative spaces that the most exciting work can be created. It is important that businesses encourage collaborative thinking among workers. Collaboration is what can guarantee that your employees get to know each other and learn for each other’s processes. If you want a more cohesive business, collaborative work environments and the best way to achieve this.

Independent Workspaces For Quiet Study

However, not all projects need to be a team-bonding experience. If you have certain workers or projects that are better suited for independent workspaces, Fractal Coworking can offer that too! With Fractal, we provide excellent spaces to work on our patio, a lounge, a desk, or your own private office. If you would like your own independent office to work, we can offer you a rentable space to be your work done. We have plenty of different types of workspaces, depending on how you would like to work.

Business Offices for Rent

At Fractal Coworking, all of our work areas are available for rent. This means that you won’t have to struggle to afford to own your offices. Instead, you can choose to pay Fractal Coworking monthly rent for your offices. This can be a huge benefit, as your offices can be simply paid for on a month-to-month basis. So, if you decide to work somewhere else, or your project is complete, you don’t have to continue paying for a space you aren’t using. Visit our website to view our pricing options. And, if you would have to use a different payment plan, you can speak with one of our representatives.

Fractal Coworking

Contact Fractal Coworking today to learn more about your options for collaborative or independent workspaces.

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The Flagship

Our first flagship Fractal is strategically situated in the west end of beautiful Kingston, Ontario. When the time is right, we will advance into other small cities & suburbs. Contact us to learn more.


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